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Affogato Bliss

Immerse yourself in the Affogato experience, a delightful fusion where the warmth of espresso meets the chill of ice cream. Picture a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream, nestled in your cup, awaiting its perfect partner. Using the Philips automatic espresso machine, renowned for its precision and consistency, brew a shot of rich, aromatic espresso. As the espresso cascades over the ice cream, it's a moment where Philips' excellence shines, ensuring every sip is a harmonious blend of hot and cold. While vanilla remains a classic choice, the versatility of the Affogato, much like the adaptability of the Philips machine, allows for delightful variations. Whether it's caramel, chocolate, or hazelnut ice cream, with Philips, every Affogato experience is elevated.

Affogato Bliss Recipe

Vanilla ice cream (1 scoop, or other flavors as preferred),
Freshly brewed espresso from Philips automatic espresso machine (1 shot).

Philips automatic espresso machine,
Cup or dessert glass,

Gently place a scoop of your chosen ice cream flavor into your cup or dessert glass. As the ice cream sits in anticipation, turn to your trusted Philips automatic espresso machine. With its user-friendly interface and impeccable brewing capabilities, prepare a shot of deep, aromatic espresso. Gently pour this freshly brewed espresso over the ice cream, letting the two elements intertwine in a dance of temperatures and flavors. The result is a mesmerizing blend, where the consistency ensured by the Philips machine truly stands out. Dive in immediately, savoring the juxtaposition of the espresso's warmth against the ice cream's coolness. And as always, feel free to experiment with different ice cream flavors, knowing that your Philips machine will deliver the perfect espresso every time.

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