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Real espresso, made simple

Baristina Espresso Machine  
From $399.99

Make it your way

Customize your Baristina, choose your portafilter color

From $399.99

Baristina Black with yellow portafilter
Baristina White with yellow portafilter

Portafilter: Mango Yellow

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Your little barista!

Pour in your favourite beans

Baristina has the first ever compact cafe quality brewing process. In one swipe the machine automatically grinds, tamps, and brews your espresso. No hassle, no settings.


Ideal grind size

It automatically grinds beans for a super fresh aroma


Ceramic grinder

Tamps perfectly into the portafilter


16 bar pressure pump

Releases full-on flavour from your beans.​ That’s how real espresso is made.


Real espresso

Simply enjoy a superb brew

Baristina Espresso Machine  
From $399.99

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