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Cold Fudge Coffee

Imagine a refreshing coffee experience, crafted to perfection. Start with a glass filled with crisp ice, followed by a delicate drizzle of rich caramel, setting the stage for a sweet symphony. Pour in creamy milk, laying the foundation for the star of the show: a robust iced coffee, brewed to perfection with the precision of a Philips coffee machine. As the flavors meld, crown your creation with a dollop of velvety whipped cream, and for the grand finale, a generous drizzle of luxurious chocolate sauce. With Philips by your side, elevate your coffee moments and indulge in the decadent pleasure of Cold Fudge Coffee.

Cold Fudge Coffee Delight Recipe


Ice cubes
Rich caramel sauce
Creamy milk
Freshly brewed iced coffee
Velvety whipped cream
Luxurious chocolate sauce


Philips coffee machine
Clear glass or mug
Spoon or stirrer

Begin by filling your clear glass with crisp ice cubes, ensuring a chilled base. Gently drizzle a generous amount of rich caramel sauce over the ice, letting it cascade down the sides. Pour in your creamy milk, filling the glass about halfway. Using the unparalleled brewing capabilities of your Philips coffee machine, prepare a robust iced coffee and add it to the glass, letting the flavors meld. As your coffee creation takes shape, add a crowning touch with a dollop of velvety whipped cream on top. Complete this masterpiece with a final flourish, drizzling luxurious chocolate sauce over the whipped cream. With each sip, savor the layered flavors and the quality assurance that comes with using a Philips coffee machine. Enjoy!

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