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Iced Pistachio Coffee

Iced Pistachio Coffee Euphoria: Begin with the sweet allure of condensed milk, followed by chilled ice cubes. Pour in fresh milk, setting the stage for the main act: two rich shots of espresso, expertly brewed by your Philips machine. The grand finale? A scoop of luscious pistachio ice cream, melding perfectly with the coffee. With Philips, elevate every sip into a gourmet experience.

Iced Pistachio Coffee Euphoria Recipe


Condensed milk (2 tablespoons or to taste)
Ice cubes
Fresh milk (about half a cup or to preference)
Freshly brewed espresso (two shots)
Pistachio ice cream (1 scoop or to taste)


Philips coffee machine
Tall glass or mug
Spoon or stirrer

Begin by pouring the condensed milk into your tall glass, creating a sweet base. Add in the ice cubes, ensuring a chilled foundation for your drink. Gently pour in the fresh milk, filling the glass about halfway. With the precision and expertise of your Philips coffee machine, brew two aromatic shots of espresso. Add the freshly brewed espresso to the glass, letting the flavors meld with the milk and condensed milk. As the final touch, place a scoop of luscious pistachio ice cream on top, letting it slightly melt into the coffee. Stir gently to combine the flavors, if desired. Enjoy the creamy, nutty, and coffee-infused delight, made all the more special with the Philips touch.

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