About Us

About Baristina 

Delicious cup of coffee prepared with Baristina espresso machine

Love great coffee? So do we.  

A great brew means fresh beans. A perfectly prepared portafilter. A skilled barista. But coffee’s never quite the same at home – that’s why we invented the Baristina espresso machine. A sleek, automatic espresso machine that grinds, tamps and brews with all the passion of a professional. Your coffee will taste just like a barista made it.   

Because we believe exceptional espresso shouldn’t mean big, complex machines. Or pods. It should be simple, good quality, and accessible to everyone – even at home. Café-quality espresso in your own kitchen starts with a pull on the portafilter. It ends with a quality brew and no waste.  

That’s right: café - quality espresso and zero waste. All that comes out is real espresso and used coffee grounds – which can go straight to your plants’ soil, or to local food recycling. The perfect blend.

Join the new coffee movement  

Baristina lives on the kitchen counter. Pour in your favourite beans, swipe the handle and enjoy incredible espresso. 

Swipe. Brew. Enjoy.   

Powered by Versuni

Versuni designs and develops brilliant home appliances for Philips. Its mission is to turn houses into homes – that’s why Baristina creates café standard espresso at home.

Versuni has over 900 patents – and counting. Headquartered in Amsterdam, with innovation, manufacturing and commercial centres across 100 countries, Versuni is a global company formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances.