How do I make a stronger cup of coffee

My Philips Baristina Espresso Machine’s coffee is not strong enough

If your Philips Baristina Espresso Machine is brewing weak coffee, there could be several reasons. Check the possible causes and solutions below.

Select the intensity boost button

If the coffee tastes weak, use the Intensity Boost button to increase its strength after selecting a drink recipe.

Fill the bean container

Ensure the bean container is adequately filled with coffee beans. If there are not enough beans to grind, it will result in weaker coffee.

First-time use / New bean type

When using the machine for the first time, or when trying a different bean type, the dosing system that controls the amount of coffee needs to be adjusted. Brew one or two more cups of coffee to optimize the dosing system.


Depending on the bean type/roast the strength of the coffee can differ. If you tried the solutions above, and the taste is still weak, we suggest you try a different coffee bean and/or roast.